Nokia Internet Tablet - N810 (part 10)

July 21st, 2008

As I mentioned already in one of my previous posts, the N810 has a integrated built-in GPS receiver.

In order to use the GPS functionality with the 'voice guidance' feature, you need to buy an extra license code from 'Wayfinder', the Wayfinder Navigator Nokia N810 Edition. The price for the license depends on the region and duration (1 month (9.98 EUR), 1 year (89.00 EUR) of 3 years (98.99 EUR)).

During my holidays in May I have tested the Wayfinder Navigator during 7 days free of charge. Depending on my conclusions after this trial periode, I was going to buy or not to buy the Wayfinder license.

Find hereafter my conclusions.


  • the voice quality is excellent
  • the standard screen layout is good
  • Wayfinder N810

  • the maps aren't always up to date. I assume most of them are from late 2006 2008
  • Update: Thanks to the tip of Aniello Del Sorbo ! You can update the maps to the latest version (2008.1) by clicking the update button in the available map tab.


  • the gps fix time took often too long, in the order of many minutes. Remark, this is improved drastically with the release of the latest OS2008 firmware
  • the input of a location with the sliding keyboard in a car isn't that efficient
  • the license price is high with respect to order navigation software
  • and last but not least

  • the maps are divided into a lot of map regions, making it difficult to use with Belgium as the 'starting' location. Let me explain it in more detail. The map region BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) is the active region in my situation (only one map region can be active at the same time), since I am living in this region. Suppose I wanna drive to a specific location in the city Paris (France). Since the country France isn't available in the active map region, it's impossible to define the route from my current location in Belgium towards the destination location in France, since the active map region doesn't know 'Paris'. In fact, you have first to figure out how to drive from the current location to France, and within France, you have to activate the correct map region (containing France), ... as you see, not that user friendly, isn't it !
    In other words, it's impossible to drive from a location in one map region towards a location in another map region! The fact that almost every country in Europe acts as it's own map region doens't make it userfriendly
  • Wayfinder N810

    N810 without voice guidance

    Final conclusion:

    GPS with voice guidance is definately a nice feature !

    The Wayfinder solution isn't however the best solution available. The issues encountered with the map regions that have to be activated, the issues that it's not possible to drive from one country towards another (residing in another map region) without struggling with 'how to drive to country ...' have let me decide not to purchase the Wayfinder Navigator software for Nokia N810 Edition.


    You can still use the N810 GPS functionality with the same available maps without voice guidance ! However it doensn't provide you the luxury of a voice guidance GPS it can be handy in some cases ;-).

    N810 without voice guidance

    On the market a lot of solutions are available which have Europe as a whole fully active, in other words, in Wayfinder terminology, in those solutions Europe is one map region !

    Nokia Internet Tablet - N810 (part 9)

    July 21st, 2008

    As Nokia has a promised during the release of Diablo - OS2008, the automatic notifications feature in the home screen about the availability of OS updates or single applications, including those installed from third parties, is working fine !

    Automatic update feature

    Automatic update feature

    This is really a quality improvement for the end user. With this feature the end user will be informed automatically when a new version of installed software is available, especially important for security updates.

    The only thing that should be improved further in the future is the 'repository management'. Sometimes it's still required to tune the repositories manually in order to install some of the applications. Not really user friendly when becoming more and more a product for the mass.

    Belgacom verhoogt zowel volume als snelheid !

    June 25th, 2008

    Nog maar eens een bewijs dat de kleinere, alternatievere spelers de markt in beweging kunnen krijgen !

    Na de berichtgeving dat verscheidene kleinere ADSL spelers op de belgische markt volume- en snelheidsverhogingen doorvoerden, is Belgacom - mijn inziens althans - vrij snel gevolgd. De vrees om klanten te verliezen zit er blijkbaar toch in ;-).

    Belgacom trekt de snelheden en transfervolumes van de tariefformules Belgacom ADSL Budget, Light, Go, Plus en VDSL Boost op. De tarieven wijzigen niet. ADSL Budget krijgt een verhoging van het maandelijkse volume van 400 MB tot 1 GB. ADSL Light ziet de maximale downloadsnelheid groeien van 2 tot 4 Mbps en het maandelijkse transfervolume van 1 tot 4 GB.

    Bij ADSL Go stijgt de downloadsnelheid van 4 tot 12 Mbps en de datalamiet van 12 tot 25 GB. Hier zit wel een klein addertje onder het gras, ADSL Go-klanten zonder Belgacom TV die die verhogingen willen krijgen, moeten contact opnemen met een verkooppunt van Belgacom om na te gaan of hun lijn kan worden overgeschakeld naar ADSL2+. Zij moeten dan "eventueel van modem veranderen en een activatiekost van 50 euro betalen".

    Bij ADSL Plus wordt de downloadsnelheid opgetrokken van 4 tot 12 Mbps en de datalimiet van 35 tot 60 GB. VDSL Boost-klanten zien hun datavolume van 35 naar 60 GB stijgen.

    De volumeverhogingen worden automatisch toegepast vanaf 1 juli. De snelheidsaanpassing van ADSL Light gebeurt automatisch begin juli. De verhoging van de downloadsnelheid van de ADSL Go- en Plus-klanten met Belgacom TV wordt pas automatisch uitgevoerd in de tweede helft van augustus.

    Belgacom gaat dan wel niet zover om de volume beperking volledig af te schaffen, maar mijn inziens kan de gemiddelde internet gebruiker nu toch weer even zijn ding doen !

    Belgacom Discovery Line wordt 45% duurder !

    June 25th, 2008

    Op 1 augustus verhoogt Belgacom het maandelijks abonnementsgeld voor de zogenaamde Discovery-telefoonlijn met maarliefst 45%, van 6,85 EUR tot 9,95 EUR per maand.

    De Discovery Line is een typische formule voor vaste telefonie die een laag abonnementsgeld koppelt aan een relatief hoge belkost per minuut (0,15 EUR per minuut bij elk type oproep).

    In Belgiƫ zijn er meer dan 100.000 van dergelijk type abonnementen in gebruik.

    Een kleine rekensom geeft aan dat dit op een extra opbrengst voor Belgacom oplevert van minstens 300.000 EUR per maand. Hoe noemen we dit 'de wet van de grote getallen' ?!

    De vermoedelijke redenen voor de forse prijsverhoging:
    - het succes van deze formule, maw. steeds meer mensen maken er gebruik van
    - de keel van de alternatieve operatoren opnieuw een beetje meer dichtknijpen

    De vraag stellen of een dergelijke plotse prijsverhoging kan doe ik hier niet, vermits ik ervan uitga dat dit wettelijk is.

    De vraag die ik we zou willen stellen, wat zijn de mogelijke alternatieven voor de betrokken gedupeerden ? De Discovery abonnementsformule volledig opzeggen ? Wat zijn de gevolgen hiervan ? Kan er dan nog gebruik gemaakt worden van een Belgacom Internet abonnement, vermoedelijk niet ?

    Hebben jullie suggesties ?

    Nokia Internet Tablet - N810 (part 8)

    June 24th, 2008

    On 24th June 2008, Nokia has released the first huge 0S2008 update for the N800 and N810 Internet Tablets, based on Maemo 4.1, known internally by the name 'Diablo'.

    Nokia OS2008 upgrade

    The biggest improvement seems to be the feature called 'Seamless Software Update feature', meaning that future OS updates will be made available over-the-air, without needing to reflash the Internet Tablet. Now users will get automatic notifications in the home screen about the availability of OS updates or single applications, including those installed from third parties.

    Nokia OS2008 upgrade

    For those interested in all software packages changes, please checkout following link.

    Finally - My Personal skin

    June 23rd, 2008

    In April this year, I mentioned I was going to do some skin adaptations in order to personalize the layout (skin) of my blog. This layout disappeared after the major blog software update the 1st of April 2008.

    Finally, after some months, the updated layout became reality ! I am pleased with it. Isn't it ?

    By the way, Johan thanks for new design ! Great job !

    Blackberry USB driver - Charging via USB

    May 25th, 2008

    Normally, I don't need to charge my Blackberry 8707v during the weekend, one fully charged battery is sufficient. That's why I always keep my power cable in the office. This weekend however, I received more calls then usual resulting in an empty battery Sunday late afternoon.

    Blackberry 8707v

    After searching on the Internet for a while, I found the perfect solution by installing the Research In Motion driver update for BlackBerry Device. After installation, simply connect the Blackberry with USB to your desktop PC or laptop. Nice & easy !

    No need to install the full Desktop Manager, no sync is necessary since email and agenda are allways synced :-) !

    A short description how to obtain and install this USB driver:

    * Browse to Microsoft Update Catalogus
    * Search for: Research In Motion BlackBerry Device
    * Click on Add
    * Click on Go to Download Basket
    * Select the download location with Browse... and click on Download Now
    * For example just create a temporary folder on your desktop
    * Save a folder called "Research In Motion driver update for BlackBerry Device"
    * Inside this folder will be a file called something like
    * Double click (unpack) the downloaded driver (.cab file) and extract the 3 files back into your temporary folder on your harddisk
    * You will get RimUsb, rimusbnt and RimUsbNT, RimUsbNT should look like a notepad page with a cog on it, right click this file and select install
    * Connect the Blackberry device via the USB to your desktop PC or laptop
    * Install the downloaded driver, follow the instructions on your screen

    Afterwards, you will recognize the 'charge' icon on your Blackberry !