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Comment from: Yasin Abbas [Visitor]
Yasin Abbas

You might wanna look into finding a Navicore license from the 770/800 days if you can.

I've been told by a Wayfinder rep that the license doesn't expire!

29-04-08 @ 02:36
Comment from: Martin Skøtt [Visitor]
Martin Skøtt

When you are evaluating the software don't just look at the GPS, but also at the software. I have an N800 and find the software just barely useable.
It is dreadfully slow - try zooming multiple levels out when driving.
Planning a route from a to c via. b does not work.
I could go on, but test for yourself...
The Internet Tablet is a great tool, but if I needed a GPS more than once every three months I would drop Navicore and get a TomTom or Garmin.

29-04-08 @ 13:36

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