Category: "Linux"

Nokia Internet Tablet - N810 (part 11)

December 25th, 2008
Vagalume, one of the applications I am using most often on my Nokia Internet Tablet N810, besides the well known applications for browsing the web, reading email, reading rss feeds, watching movies/series and reading PDF documents! Vagalume is a… more »

Nokia Internet Tablet - N810 (part 7)

May 1st, 2008
How to setup a phone call towards a landline or mobile phone using SIP protocol ? How to setup a Voipbuster account on the N810 ? or in other words: How to make calls for free of how to make very cheap calls using the N810 ? The information I have… more »

Ubuntu (Part 2)

December 28th, 2006
For years now, my portable was configured as dual boot (Windows XP & Debian GNU Linux), using Grub as bootloader. Finally I have decided to run Ubuntu Linux emulation (virtual machine) together with Windows XP as my core system, since I don't like… more »

Ubuntu (Part 1)

December 28th, 2006
Ubuntu Repositories Ubuntu gebruikt - net als Debian trouwens - apt-get voor zijn pakketbeheer, met Synaptic, Add/Remove, ..., Update Manager als grafische frontends. Bij een standaard installatie van Ubuntu zijn de Universe (vrije software) en… more »

Nokia Internet Tablet - 770 (Part 11)

August 20th, 2006
As mentioned in my previous posting the Nokia 770 OS 2006 edition contains a nice graphical application installer. Currently there are two ways to install new software, using the application repositories, or looking into the available list of… more »

Debian : Removing NVIDIA TLS links... done

August 3rd, 2006
After doing a Linux kernel upgrade, I have to recompile my hacked Acer driver to activate wifi on the Medion MD40100 portable; furthermore, I have also to recompile the nVidia driver too. When doing this, I download always the latest available version… more »

Ubuntu (Part 0)

June 18th, 2006
Stilstaan is achteruitgaan ! Van tijd tot tijd zullen jullie een posting terugvinden omtrent 'Ubuntu', een Linux distributie die de laatste tijd erg aan populariteit wint. Vandaar dat ik besloten heb om deze distro eens uit te proberen op mijn 'zolder… more »